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Religious School does not end with 7th Grade or Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

CONFIRMATION CLASS (10th-12th Grade)
Confirmation class builds on the discussions, values and decision making process which students began in Dor Atid.  In the seminar the topics covered are more controversial, often there is no right or wrong answer; however, there are many opinions on the issues.  During the semester the students have the opportunity to debate with each other and analyze their thoughts on the issues.  As always, Rav Sela brings the Jewish perspective and Jewish values inherent in the subject matter to the forefront.  Some of the topics include Israeli politics, abortion and sexuality.  Students leave the seminar with a greater understanding of the way Jewish vales affect their decision making process.

The Confirmation class is scheduled on an evening that is convenient for the students and Rav Sela.

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784