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Welcome to Temple Ramat Zion!

Temple Ramat Zion (TRZ) is a conservative congregation that was built on the belief that we must strive to be a kehillah kedoshah, a holy community, that serves both the spiritual needs of its members and the charitable needs of the community outside its temple walls.

Through our wide range of programming, we strive to fulfill this purpose. TRZ offers a full range of services and activities that fulfill the religious, spiritual, educational, and social needs of our warm family-oriented congregation. Through various enrichment programs, TRZ makes every effort to offer and support programs that can enrich every aspect of the Jewish life; from Preschool to Adult Education, while making time to help others through our social action programs.

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If you need to contact office staff or clergy, please reach out using our emails. You can leave a voicemail, it will just take a little longer to receive a response.




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