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Upon three things does the world stand: Torah, Avodah and Gemillut Chassidim. Temple Ramat Zion invites you to take advantage of all that we have to offer in the areas of worship and study, work to repair the world, and deeds of loving kindness.

Our dues structure is sensitive to individual needs. Through your dues and voluntary additional contributions, you support the people and programs which make these good things happen.

You can find many ways to become involved in the synagogue and to grow as a committed and knowledgeable Jew. We keep you informed through a bi-monthly print bulletin and through weekly emails announcing special events.

Temple Ramat Zion is a resource for living an informed Jewish life and for being part of a caring community. We offer a warm welcome to our Jewish home and hope TRZ will become the center for all your Jewish needs.

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Rabbi Sela's 2019 - 2020 Letter to Members

Shalom.  As you fill out your membership forms for another year at TRZ I hope that you look forward to a great year at TRZ.  A year filled with meaningful and uplifting High Holiday and Shabbat services. A year filled with holiday programs and barbeques.  A year filled with guest speakers and religious school education. A year filled with laughter and joy in preschool.

I am looking forward to another year at TRZ.  This past year we accomplished so much. We welcomed in many new families and our preschool and religious school continue to thrive.  Where in the past, the joyous simchas, like weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, brises and babynamings, were few and far between, we are now swimming in a sea of simchas.  This past year we celebrated 10 Bnai Mitzvah and this coming year we have even more scheduled. What a joy it is to be part of a community that has so much to celebrate!

We continued to have fantastic adult education speakers like Rabbi Noah Farkas and our Scholar-in-Residence Prof. Laurie Levenson, as well as classes taught by myself and Cantor Friedman, both inside and outside of TRZ.  We have enjoyed some amazing musical experiences starting with an outdoor summer concert, the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, Shabbat Sings, and amazing Friday night Shabbat Experiences including Craig Taubman and a night of Sephardic music.  We also continued feeding thousands of hungry people through our food pantry.

So many of our congregants, young and old, took part in activities like Hanukkah parties, Purim carnivals, Yom HaShoah Commemorations, Sisterhood and Men’s Club events.  There is so much going on at TRZ!

In the coming year look forward to more opportunities to be together as the multi-generational family that we are.  We will continue having some very special musical Shabbat services throughout the year, and I hope that you take advantage of experiencing different Jewish musical styles and how they can help us feel better connected with our prayers.

I hope that you join us and make TRZ your home away from home.  The laughter of children, the joy of old friends connecting and reconnecting, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, brises, and babynamings-all of these fill our halls.  TRZ is vibrant with Jewish life. Join us and be a part of our family.

I hope to see you soon at one of the summer Open Houses, Barbeques, or Shabbat services.


Rav Sela





Tue, June 18 2019 15 Sivan 5779